Photovideo Cam - Real Time Effects

Photovideo Cam - Real Time Effects

Photovideo Cam - Real Time Effects

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PhotoVideo Cam REAL TIME EFFECTS iPhone App Review - CrazyMikesapps

The Frozen in Time Effect!

Effect Video Camera - "Real time" effect shooting (Android Application)

Video Zoom & effects in real time such as Comic, Tilt Shift and many more for photo & video!
Breaths your shots on the fly to new life. Create cool effects like photos or make a one-time best video recording. Transform everyday shots into something unique.

Highlight: Send your photo as a real printed postcard!

Simply download app and select between LIVE fantastic effects - whether photo or video. You can see the selected effect or filter on your screen. Party, romance or Old School. For each event the right effect is present.

• Photo and video recordings
• Live Effects and filters for photo AND video, such as Toon, Pixellate, Sepia, Sketch,Tilt Shift and many more
• LED-flash
• Front camera
• Stores them in your camera roll

This is just the beginning. We have many cool and useful features, and new effects in development.
Stay tuned to what lies ahead! If there are problems starting the app, pleace restart your device.

Do you have ideas for other effects - Questions or problems? Visit us on Facebook:

We can help determine!
Many thanks to everybody who has contributed to making our app as popular as it has become already and for the numerous positive assessments and suggestions.

What's New in Version 4.0.1

- iOS 9 update